Privacy Policy

M And M Endorsements understands and appreciates your concern about privacy, and the confidentiality and security of your information that M And M Endorsements gains from you. This document explains M And M Endorsements’ approach to its information collection and handling practices, Information collected and the permission process.

Generally speaking, M And M Endorsements collects information directly from you. Information may include name, contact details, citizenship, qualifications, date of birth, occupation, gender of individuals and/or ABN, ACN, Bankers, Taxation accounts, Balance sheet, Profit & Loss accounts, Company operation/ Trade secrets, Business Intellectual Property, brand, trade marks of your business / company. We may also need to seek information from third parties, e.g. referrals, credit references, ASIC, ATO.

As we require your permission to collect this information, unless you express otherwise, we presume consent has been given as part of the business relationship. In some instances, e.g. for the purposes of obtaining security clearances, we may also be required to collect sensitive information such as criminal records, or for insurance purposes, we may need medical records. Under these circumstances, M And M Endorsements will seek your express permission prior to obtaining the information.

How M And M Endorsements uses the information

The information you supply is collected by M And M Endorsements for use in conducting its business, e.g. processing of Management Consulting tasks, business advising, the provision of products and/or services. Survey information provided by you is generally used for statistical purposes only.

Will my information be passed on to anyone else?

M And M Endorsements will not disclose your personal information to parties outside of M And M Endorsements without your consent. Such consent can be either express or by implication. In conducting its business, the information provided by you may be disclosed to M And M Endorsements’ agents, contractors or third party service providers who provide administrative, management advisory/consulting, telecommunications, computer or other services to M And M Endorsements in connection with the operation of its business and who are under duty to M And M Endorsements to keep such information confidential and secure.

M And M Endorsements does not sell or disclose personal information to third parties for the purpose of allowing them to direct market their products and services to you.

Is my information secure?

M And M Endorsements maintains strict standards and security procedures to prevent unauthorised access to you information and to ensure the correct use of information. On line access to personal information is protected from unauthorised access through the use of a login name and secure password. This is to ensure that the information is only displayed to the intended user. M And M Endorsements will take reasonable steps to de-identify, delete or destroy confidential information that is no longer required.

If you have any questions or require feedback about this policy, please contact:

M And M Endorsements Pty Ltd
Telephone: + 612 9899 4778
Facsimile: + 612 9899 4778