Our Statement

“At M&M our job is to help owners & their businesses to thrive and prosper by delivering results through astute and practical advice”
Founder & Director, M&M

Client’s quotes

“We increased our revenue by more than $550,000 in three months without any additional cost. It was right under our nose all the time that went unnoticed till these wizkids showed us how to. I wouldn’t go without their ongoing support”
MD, Furniture Industry

“We were all over the shop busy and running like headless chooks. Thanks to our business advisors from M&M who put together a plan giving us specific objectives & directions that we can consolidate our business and improve the bottom line”
CEO, Electronic Components

“M&M has helped us in setting up our Sales & Marketing department and making it operational. We were without one since our inception 20 years ago. With this implementation we are looking at adding $15 mil to our sales within the next 18 months”
GM, Engineering & Manufacturing

“My life is lot easier – I don’t work 60+ hours a week anymore and the business is growing by itself. With M&M’s help we restructured my company, empowered our employees who have taken full ownership of their responsibilities”
MD, Leisure Industry

“M&M’s strategy and its implementation with their complete help has allowed us to get rid of our loss making businesses. We have consolidated our activities and are now making larger profits with lesser products, more customers and no headaches”
Director, Retail Industry