About Us

We guarantee that our advice always improves the performance, quality and productivity of our clients.
At M And M Endorsements we implement change, hands on!

"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." - Albert Einstein

Our committment

“We provide rapid, accurate, economical and quality advisory services to our clients in the SME sector to up-lift their performance, boost their productivity and substantially increase their ‘return-on-investments’. And we actually implement our advice absolutely hands-on.”

  • Do you know or have you ensured that your business is healthy, that it is growing and is better than your competition?
  • Are you shaping and improvising strategies that work?
  • Are you and your most vital resource – your people embracing CHANGE constantly?

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential” ~ Winston Churchill

Who Are We

M And M Endorsements is about providing tailor made Management and Methods consultancy to small and medium enterprises. We provide hands-on and dynamic strategic management advice upon thoroughly analyzing needs, deriving & conceiving strategic choices and implementing the right customized strategy. Our services are for businesses seeking to develop or expand their business operations or to address specific issues or needs. We are equally effective in helping new business to stand on their feet and generate revenue in the shortest gestation period.

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won” ~ Winston Churchill

What We Do

We improve the productivity of your business by providing customized solutions with a hands-on commitment of its implementation. It is our business to train your people along side while shaping, improvising and implementing workable strategies. Our business consulting services upon completion of its prescribed implementation results in rapid and visible improvements in the client’s business productivity and bottom line.

“Success comes in cans; failure in can'ts”

What We DON'T Do

  • We don’t do time consuming irrelevant research in your business.
  • We don’t write big management reports, project reports or prescriptions.
  • We don’t attach a large “Consulting Invoice” behind our reports and leave you to implement the required strategic changes.


  • Analyse gaps.
  • Provide choices and customize strategies.
  • Implement the CHANGE and transform your business to a robust health for long term benefits.

The Edge

We deliver solutions and strategies for any situation in any sphere of our clients business in any type of business be it manufacturing or production, sales & marketing services, banking & financial services, retail, logistics, IT or telecommunication, hospitality, professional, health, education, R&D, etc, etc, etc

We have multiple years of comprehensive and vast Australian & International experience bringing together 'at-call' expertise.

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.” ~ Lewis Carroll

IIB - Business Support Programme - a proven advisory system that works for our Founder Minaal Sinha’s clients and is very affordable. This is an in-depth and on-site programme that he delivers to his clients covering all conceivable facets of business management. Implementation of this programme gives SME clients the management functions that a large company has with specific and concentrated tackling of troubled areas.

For businesses apparently doing well BSP is a great programme for them too. It helps with keeping on track and growing further.

The Founder

Our founder, Minaal Sinha is a senior management professional with thirty years of experience in various facets of general management in diverse industries. He has strong leadership and interpersonal skills with excellent experience in corporate development, operations, human resource, marketing & sales management, banking and finance, corporate development and project management. His many years of experience have allowed him to sharply develop the following skills:

  • Strong vision, setting goals & targets, establish corporations / businesses, planning, strategising, implementing and engineering change
  • Able to construct a complex project, its organisation & implementation within strict timetables or deadlines
  • Strategically manage operations at both macro and micro (departmental level). Implement and monitor budgets and MIS and key people development
  • Build and maintain effective relationships with Customers (direct & B2B), Ancillary & Allied Services, Peers and Stakeholders
  • Analysis and interpretation of Financial Statements, Ratios, Growth trends, etc.
  • Focus on Strategic Planning tailoring solutions & selling by understanding customer needs, in conjunction with market trends & analysis
  • Excellent marketing including product development, promotion, pricing and positioning and communication skills
  • A good team player and a successful mentor, able to work independently and handle pressure at a very high level
  • Establishing and rolling out of a simple or complex business from ground zero level to a smooth and profitable operation

Minaal Sinha has gained strong understanding of Australian, Regional and Global business ethics, cultures, regulations & policies in diverse industries at senior levels both off-shore and on-shore. This has given him the rare combination of multi-skilling within multi-business cultures, in various industries achieving many a success and recognitions in diverse facets of businesses as CEO/COO.

Minaal Sinha in his career prior to founding M And M Endorsements has worked for many Fortune 500 and multi-national corporations. He has a number of industry qualifications besides possessing a Bachelor of Commerce and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (MBA). He also has a Graduate Diploma in Financial Services.

Minaal Sinha is married with two grown-up children. His wife and the two children are also professionally qualified with various degrees and are well settled in their respective professions.

institute of independent business Minaal Sinha is an accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business