M and M Endorsements


25 simple tools that will assist you to improve both your business and work/life balance!

The FORTUNE5 SERIES consists of five 90 minute highly interactive practical workshops during which each participant will learn 5 key tools or techniques to implement in their business, i.e. a total of 25 tools! Because theFORTUNE5 SERIES is specifically designed and adapted for each target audience, every participant will gain valuable insights and suggestions from the other course members.

The material we present is based on practical advice that works! All the presenters have many years of business experience and are able to provide 'hands-on' practical solutions and case studies that business owners and managers can implement in their own businesses!

Who should attend the FORTUNE5 SERIES?

This series of workshops is aimed at:

  • Business Owners.
  • Managing Directors and
  • Senior Managers.

... .... ... who want to improve and grow their business.

What are the expected outcomes?

Delegates will learn how to:

1. Realise the maximum return on their business by discovering how to increase throughput and reduce operational expense.

2. Empower themselves to be the leader that they need to be to ensure that their staff are aligned to the needs of their customers and to the business objectives.

3. Improve their work/life balance and create more "me" time.

No theoretical jargon. Come and learn how FORTUNE5 SERIES can assist your business and provide you with Practical tools that Work!

Workshop 1

5 ways to Win in a highly Competitive Sales Environment

"What is the most expensive aspect of any sales and marketing operation?"......... "The business you don't win!"

Learn the 5 spokes that power your sales wheel and how these will significantly increase the sales revenue and profitability of your business. These hands-on simple to understand sales methodologies are not to be missed!

Workshop 2

5 ways to increase Sales and Develop Customer Loyalty

Ever wondered what you have to do to gain satisfied customers and what is required to establish their loyalty so that you get on-going business from them? Are you always under pricing pressure and struggle to have your organisation deliver real value to your customers?

If you answered YES and you are serious about wining business based on your offering and not simply the lowest price, then this workshop is not to be missed!

Workshop 3

The 5 steps to Improve Business Processes through Lean

  • Have you ever visited a store to buy a product or service and wondered why the actual process takes so long and is so inefficient?
  • Have you ever been frustrated when trying to have a product repaired or when dealing with a call-centre?
  • Is making the customer wait a necessary evil or an opportunity for a competitive edge?
  • How efficient are your manufacturing, service or administrative processes and are they designed to add value to the customer, or only cost?

Learn how to identify inefficient processes and by using applicable Lean tools and techniques, improve these processes, reduce costs and add customer value

Workshop 4

5 ways to keep 100% Staff Motivated 100% of the Time

Did you know there are only 5 things that need to be performed to keep staff motivated 100% of the time? Even better, 4 of these are directly within management's control!

If you employ people and struggle to keep them motivated, then what are you waiting for?

Workshop 5

5 keys to a One-Page Business Plan

"If you fail to plan, then plan to fail!"

If a Business Plan cannot be stuck on the wall in the lunch room then it is not worth having! How do you select staff? How do you align goals? How do you plan for growth and celebrate success? Share rewards? Build culture? All these things are driven from your One-Page Business Plan!

Using a detailed workbook and practical examples, we will provide you with the 5 tools to develop a Business Plan that assist you, your staff and your business!

The FORTUNE5 SERIES will be even more powerful if you encourage your partner, manager or assistant to also attend, thereby gaining valuable support in implementing the 25 techniques to improve your business.

Registration and Fees:

Each workshop is $75 per person. If all 5 Workshops are booked upfront there is a 20% discount available.
For Further information or registration details please email to contact@mandmendorsements.com.au